Key Features

Care Academy is packed full of really useful features designed to enable you to achieve three simple goals, reduce cost reduced cost, improve efficiency increased efficiency and ensure compliance improved compliance.

Key Features and benefits
Quality All of our e-learning content is designed to exceed minimum standards giving you absolute confidence in the quality of training provided to employees. It is written by industry respected Subject Matter Experts and accredited by nationally recognised Awarding Bodies including Skillsfirst, NCFE and City & Guilds. improved compliance
Updates We update our content in line with changes to legislation at no cost to you the client. Therefore you can rest assured that your content will always reflect best practice with no additional cost. reduced cost
Learner guarantee We will guarantee that any learner who completes our learning and assessment will be 'fit-for-work' in line with documented learning outcomes. If they are subsequently found to be non-compliant as a direct result of completing our courses, we will provide access to further training from within our portfolio at no extra cost. This means we share the risk of achieving compliance with you. improved compliance
User interface control Our learner interface has been designed to provide maximum 'personalisation' allowing the user to set the text, colours, audio and images. This ensures you are compliant with Disability Discrimination Act legislation (DDA). improved compliance
Structured learner pathway We offer a fully integrated pathway from induction, specialist course and annual refresher training through to QCF qualifications. This means your learners can quickly get up to speed and take ownership of their learning. Once on-board, they can quickly and easily progress from new employee through to qualified worker with the minimum support. This reduces your cost of ongoing support and frees up your training personnel to provide higher value training and interventions. reduced cost increased efficiency
Assessment methodology Multiple assessment methodology including computer marked, written answers, assessor/manager reviewed and competency observations. The ideal combination is mapped directly to each course or qualification ensuring every learner's is guaranteed to meet all of the required learning outcomes with no gaps or grey areas. improved compliance
Rigorous computer assessment Multi-choice- multi-answer questions which improve resilience of learning and confidence in results. improved compliance
Competency observations Our Observation Toolkit is designed to support managers schedule, conduct and record 'evidence of performance' observations where required (e.g. the Care Certificate). increased efficiencyimproved compliance
PIN protection PIN protected assessments allow clients the option to control access to assessments, providing the ultimate compliance process and ensuring you can confidently meet the requirements of any audit or inspection. improved compliance
System administration
Administrator dashboard Comprehensive on-line manager dashboard providing real-time 24/7 data. Track and report on many variables including enrollments, progress, assessments, sign-offs and completions. Allows you to quickly understand whether an individual, service, branch, division, region or business is compliant or at risk. improved compliance
Full user control Full user control, add users, amend profiles, add/re-assign/delete training, policy documents or extra resources. Quickly respond to business needs or contract opportunities, no waiting for classroom courses to become available. increased efficiency
Employment status Update employment status to ensure training and reporting are always accurate. increased efficiency
Training matrix Automatically link 'business roles' with pre-defined training plans. Ensure consistent delivery across your organisation. increased efficiency
Customise training delivery Use pre-assessments to assess existing knowledge and automatically configure bespoke ILP for each learner. reduced cost
Auto re-assign training Care Academy can be configured to automatically re-assign training in line with organisational policies, ensuring compliance is never compromised. increased efficiencyimproved compliance
Configure training completion dates Configure 'target' completion dates for training and automatically manage learner ILP's. reduced cost improved compliance
Email alerts Auto email alerts sent to learners when new training is assigned or if refresher training needs to be completed ensuring learners are kept updated on their ILP. increased efficiencyimproved compliance
User support
On-line help desk We offer a fully supported on-line Help desk which provides technical support during business hours. This frees up your personnel so they don't have to deal with day to day queries and keeps learners moving forward. increased efficiency
Communication tracking Full communication tracking between user, support staff, assessors - quickly understand any issues and resolve without delay. increased efficiency
Policy management
Ensure compliance Policy-Safe is our policy management solution which ensures all key policy documents are uploaded, distributed, accepted and recorded to deliver a comprehensive compliance process. improved compliance
Link policy documents to training Link key policy documents directly to training and ensure they are read and accepted as part of the programme completion. increased efficiency improved compliance
Classroom course integration
Record classroom training Classroom course integration allows clients to schedule and record classroom based training within the learner digital ILP. This ensures all reports are centralised and available 24/7 with no requirement to archive paper based reports or complex excel spreadsheets. increased efficiency
Mark attendance Use classroom course manager to mark attendance at important practical training sessions. Keep reports in a single digital ILP. increased efficiency improved compliance
Real-time Over 60 real-time reports enabling you to filter and view the data you require. improved compliance
Comprehensive tracking Report every user interaction including; by date, time, IP address and browser to provide a comprehensive understanding of learner access. increased efficiencyimproved compliance
Completion times Report on individual and group average completion times to help guide organisation policy on time allocations. reduced cost
Individual compliance report View individual compliance reports for all learners against key training such as Care Certificate. Easily assign further training where gaps identified. reduced costincreased efficiency improved compliance
Data capture Capture the data you require and monitor and report on metrics important to your organisation. increased efficiency improved compliance
Licence models
Flexible We offer access to a wide range of licence models some of which include offer either part or fully funded licence models. reduced cost
Unused licences Unused licences returned to client allocation for re-use. reduced cost
Funded training
Access to funding We are adept at accessing additional ESF and SFA funding on behalf of our clients. Over the past 2 years we have secured additional funding for our clients in excess of £250,000. Working closely as a true 'Partner' with our clients, many have recouped most of their investment in Care Academy. We continue to develop this 'consultancy' side of the business to offer real value-added benefits. reduced cost
WDF form management Our Workforce Development Funding (WDF) forms management feature will automatically generate pre-populated WDF forms ensuring you claim the full amount of funding available. Many of our clients have secured several thousand pounds of funding revenue using this feature, which effectively covers the cost of the system - that's pretty price competitive! reduced cost
QCF qualifications We offer access to a range of awards, certificates and diplomas using our unique qualification delivery technology. Unit learning and assessment is fully mapped against learning outcomes and designed to reduce duplication of effort and allowing for Accredited Prior Learning (APL). The cost of accessing these qualifications is designed to be extremely competitive against traditional classroom based delivery. reduced costincreased efficiency
On-line enrollment On-line enrolment enables learners to start qualifications at a time convenient to them and not have to schedule meetings with assessors and then wait for classroom courses to become available. Employers can take back control of their employee learning and development strategy. increased efficiency
Fully supported IT
SAAS Solution Access to Care Academy is offered as a fully hosted solution, meaning clients can sign-up and start taking advantage of the system features and benefits without any additional IT investment. reduced costincreased efficiencyimproved compliance
Integration with existing HR/Training systems Integrate Care Academy with existing HR/training systems to automatically streamline the recruitment, training and development of all employees. reduced costincreased efficiencyimproved compliance
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